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Thursday, 7 July 2016


Imagine that you just arrived in a new country. You walk into your new school all excited and everybody looks at you like you have a gun and you're pointing it at everyone at the same time. So you walk up to some people as they walk away slowly trying not to hurt your feelings so say hello and they say where are you from and you say Iran so they run for it. This is called prejudice.

Prejudice is when you judge someone by their clothes, skin colour, age, money and colour. For example a skin colour kid goes up to a different coloured adult and the different coloured adult pulls out a wallet to buy him an ice cream but when he pulls it out the kid says ooooooo he got a gun i’m dead. there are different types of prejudice like ageism that is like saying that if you're old you watch Coronation Street. 

Most people move to different countries including New Zealand because of money and jobs, war and education. For example I found some stats online saying that 40% of people that moved have moved because of war, 10% of people move because of education, 5% of people move because of money and jobs. For example one of the people we interviewed is from Iran and the reason that she moved was because she couldn't go to college because of her religion so she moved to New Zealand to get education. 

We have interviewed many immigrants that are in our community and these are the things that make them welcome and include them like simply just smiling and say hello or waving. But immigrants will not want 50 people saying and asking his or her name at once. So you should just wait or use your best judgment. But the thing is you need to treat them like any other person in the world and treat them like you would want to be treated. For example when I interviewed one of the immigrants he said that he loved the big introduction at Monday meet up but he got kind of freaked out with 64 people saying hello what is your name afterward. So from this experience I think that we should say hello to immigrants but give them some space to settle in.

All the people that we interviewed  told us some way that they have felt unwelcome: for example one of the immigrants said that they got teased for her Indian dot  and laughed at like she was a great big joke. This is bad for New Zealand and more countries Reputation in the world because if this 1 out of 10 person turns into more that will not good. 

Tips to make immigrants feel more welcome and to make them feel included. I think we should make sure we:
Treat them like anyone else 
Be kind
Help them
Say hello 

It is important that we improve the way we make immigrants feel more connected to the community because then we would have a happy great environment where can feel connected to everyone so when you walk into the new country and the new school you feel great and welcomed.


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