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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Arts reflection

This term I have been learning about the elements of music so I can communicate with anyone from any culture because music is a universal language. To show this learning I have created a soundscape based on a poem I have written.
My soundscape is relational because I have used three elements of music and they are beat, rhythm and dynamics. The sounds all connected to my poem and almost all are in time with my beat. I also put in some decrescendo and crescendo.  I used my book to make my beat and to make the flax sound I used scissors. I made it louder by using crescendo.
Overall I am proud of what my soundscape is and I am proud of my effort


Where is my happy place?

Where the sun glares 
into the eyes of the forest 

Where flax dances
and sways In the wind 

Where cabbage trees stand 
tall and strong with his brothers 

Where the river plays hide and seek 
with me because every time I go there 
it seems like a different place.

That is my happy place.

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