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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The train ride

Buildings  dash past me as if
they are in a running race.
The train wobbles and shakes
as Germany's fire more bombs 
and my English population dies
and the German population grows.

Looking out the window 
at the schools, I remember
my dreaded teachers and
my idiotic classmates. 
School was jail
just without the guards.

My family slowly fade away. 
More people having to go to war 
and never coming back.
It's only me and my nana 
against the world.

What is going to happen next?
Will someone finally come back?
Where are we headed?

This picture is by John burningham 

I am learning to use similarities and metaphors to write a descriptive poem. Metaphors are when say think has something that it doesn't eg.the man was a brother to the ox.
And similarities are you say something is like another thing. I am going we'll because I have only used two similarities and many metaphors. My next steps are to give the reader a image in they head.

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  1. I love this peace of writing jack and I love the simplicity and metaphors.