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Monday, 19 October 2015


I could tell you many stories about my brother Tom, like when he broke my arm, and when he kneed me in the face. Tom loves palling pranks but sometimes they don’t work out so well.
 There I was sleeping in my warm and soft bed  peacefully when my idiotic brother Tom  came in with cream and a leaf. 
I knew what was next he put the cream on my hand and started to tickle my nose. My reflexes were too fast for him and I woke up. He dashed for the kitchen. I got a glance at him before he ran. Then I scanned the kitchen and found him behind a stool. I ran up and punched him.

Then mum came in and man she was mad. 
Don't think that's the end there's still the story of when I punched his front two teeth out - we all remember that one well, at least I do, but that's another time.

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