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Sunday, 20 September 2015


Cake day 
Has there ever come a time that you have blamed someone else for something you did? Like maybe you ate the last piece of cake then blamed it on your sibling or you kicked the ball over the fence but said it was your brother. 

When I woke up I already knew it was going to be a great day. I opened the curtains and the bright beaming sun shone down on me. I scurried  through the squeezed-in hallway to the kitchen as I normally do on a Sunday morning . There on the bench was the best cake in the world with two large layers of chocolate sponge delight and the richest thickest layer of icing I had ever seen. Just as I reached for it I could hear my mum's footsteps coming down the hall. Just one little piece. 

"Jack!"  my mum yelled at the top of her lungs. "Get away from that cake that's for your dad's birthday so leave it alone alright."
  "Ok ok nobody's died," I replied in a sarcastic tone.  I knew that my mum was keeping a close eye on me like a hawk on its prey. So I strolled to my room to find Ollie scavenging through my drawers . "What are you doing?"
"O aaammm nothing".
"Have you seen Dads birthday cake?
 "Yeah how could you miss it."
"Ok I've got a idea to get the cake.  I'm thinking we should wait for the guests arrive then we pounce,sounds like a pretty good plan doesn't it?"
"Yeah ok."
Then it happened the door bell rung ding dong bella starts barking as she normally does when someone comes to the door. Are you ready Ollie?.
 I was born ready!
 We poked our heads round the corner then dad walked in trying to look fancy I thought to myself this is going  to be fun. Mum opened the old rusty door omg it's Justin Bieber!!! Oh wait it's just my uncle and there was  a big huge crowd behind him. 'Hi' was all you could hear . 
Then someone said "Where are the children?"
I pushed Ollie out into the open, so I could do it. As I was creeping to the kitchen mum came in with a knife five minutes  till cake time. I pounced for the cake stuffing in as much  delicious cake as I could. Wait if I eat this what is everyone else going to eat? I stopped then I opened the cupboards  scanning for ingredients-  maybe sugar..  flour. Boom boom boom! Mum walks through the door before I could say a word. Bella is on the bench scoffing the half eaten cake. I jump to get Bella away "thank you" I Whispered to her.  So that day that was technically  ruined by (Bella) was actually ruined by me.  Even though it's not so honest if you want to get away with something try blaming it on your pet.

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