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Thursday, 24 September 2015


As I step into nomads, I can already smell the mud and rancid dog poo lingering in the air. And the smell of beer and other disgusting alcohols. The dust in the clubrooms drifts in the air like flies in the summer and race cars on sharp corners.

Boots splash  in the water like when you hit the bottom of a hydoslide in Hanmer. I can see the paint peel slowly off the old rusty metal goals like an orange being peeled.

The dull forest with its mighty gum trees stands over me, the great wall of China. Children swing on the monkey bar like monkeys on tree branches swinging from branch to branch.

I expected to smell more, see more, hear more, but no. I am glad that adventure is over. Time for another one. I am sad to leave my old football club, but now I play for Real Madrid!!!!!!!

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  1. Jack I love your descriptive words and use of similes - well done. Mum