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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Acts reflection

This term we have been learning how the arts connect us to the community. On Thursday 17 September we went to town and performed our amazing acts. I thought we all did fantastic .  All the adults were cheering and clapping - it was wonderful. 

I thought my group was spectacular, we were great. My highlight was our dance - it was a beauty because  we all did the moves right and the bird didn't break. I was most impressed by not me, but Max. He got on the stage and rocked. He didn't know the words but he didn't  care.

I was connected with the audience by letting them come up on the stage and dance when I did my solo act. This made me feel great about myself and happy that everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves.

I saw moments of manaakitia: people were clapping and cheering for their friends and family members. This was showing manaakitia because they were caring for each other when they were performing.

I can keep on going with the arts by taking dance and singing lessons or I could get together with a group and do something. I can connect with the community using the arts by becoming a dancer or a singer.

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