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Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Day I Fell Done A Wormhole

Chapter 1

I slowly walked up the creaky steps step by step. The walls were full of artwork.  I felt myself in mid air - all I could see was black. Suddenly I felt the sensation of falling, like the time I stumbled off my neighbours trampoline and broke my arm.  Bang! Crack! My head hit a ledge and I fell heavily to the ground.

I woke up to find I was in a room full of priceless treasure. There were diamonds, pearls and gold necklaces.  Suddenly I could hear footsteps and voices.  One voice said "We need to move it soon".

Another voice said "Why not tomorrow night?"

I needed to get out of there soon and ring the cops. I stood up and scanned the room for ways out.  My eyes noticed an old cobwebbed window that was partly open.  I hoisted myself up and whilst I was halfway through the opening - 'crack' the window broke and the glass shattered.  I heard footsteps so I quickly jumped for it.

Chapter 2

As I stood up I dashed for the bushes to hide in.  I saw the two familiar faces of my neighbours, Bob and Robyn Ramsbottom.  I had known for some time that they were up to no good. Now my suspicions were confirmed.area.  I poked my head through the hedge to check if they had gone.  

I quickly darted over the fence and back to my place.  As I was dialling 111 to speak with the cops the doorbell went.  Ding dong, ding dong.  I dropped the phone and I called out "hello" in a surprised tone.  

The next thing I heard Bob say "Its me Dave, open up".  I slowly eased the door open with my foot left in the opening.  "Hi Bob it's not a great time as I was just about to go out".    


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